Lucrative Reasons to Set Up Company Headquarters in the Sunshine State


If you are one of the fortunate business owners in Florida, the sunshine state’s assets are already abundantly clear. For those considering a move to the area or the possibility of launching a business, the current climate is equally balmy. From a thriving tourism industry to its position as a global leader in international trade, Florida is an ideal location for any business owner who wants to set up shop in good company.


According to Enterprise Florida Data Center, here are some of the bright statistics:


  • Florida’s $800 billion economy is the fourth largest in the United States and one of the most sizable ones around the globe.


  • This state is home to nearly 20 million people and four metropolitan areas of more than 1 million residents in 2014.


  • Florida passed New York as the nation’s third most populated state this year. 


  • As a global leader in international trade, revenue approaching $160 billion was recorded in 2013.


  • Florida attracts nearly 100 million visitors who spend more than $76 billion in the state each year.


Thriving Business Hub


Here are some additional reasons why Florida is a thriving business hub:


  • The state has more than half a million private-sector companies and a labor force of 9.7 million.


  • The state’s strategic geographic location and massive consumer base of 100 million annual visitors position businesses for success.


  • Florida is ranked a top state for business startups for many reasons including a large talent pool and business-friendly tax policies.


 Active and Central Location for International Trade


One primary reason that leading companies have set up headquarters in Florida is its commercial gateway to Latin American and Caribbean markets. Specifically, Enterprise Florida Data Center notes the following:


  • Goods worth more than US$153 billion were transported through Florida’s airports and seaports in 2014.


  • Florida is also a major producer and exporter of goods, which reached more than $58 billion in 2014.


In addition, the U.S. Census Bureau has indicated that one of every five U.S. companies that export is located in Florida.


Commercial Building Construction in Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Now that you know all of the solid reasons for setting up company headquarters in Florida, you’ll want to find the right office building in the perfect location. To showcase your business at its best, accommodate your design preferences and address the specific needs of your employees, you may want to start from the ground up. A reliable company with three decades of experience can provide commercial building construction in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.


To its credit, this contractor has completed projects that have impacted the community in a positive way. Some of these include:


  • The Port of Palm Beach (masonry)
  • RGF Environmental commercial two-story building in Riviera Beach
  • Many Palm Beach County schools (brickwork/masonry)


This company covers four different counties in Florida, so you can select any of the winning locations. These include:


  • Broward
  • Palm Beach
  • Martin
  • St. Lucie Counties


Comments and More Information


Which of these counties in Florida would make a perfect spot for your company headquarters and why? How would a new building in the sunshine state help your employees work more efficiently and productively? Share your thoughts here, and let us know if you would like more information today.

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