Failing With Fluoride


Is your water filter fulfilling its promise in purifying the water of its innumerable impurities? The answer to this question will mostly be “yes” as most water filters proudly claim to eliminate all harmful impurities like bacteria, virus and other micro organisms from water.


However, do these same water filters also purify the water of the harmful element fluoride? Or are you consuming fluoridated water, despite filtering it?


Fluoridated water

You will be surprised to know that most water filters, including the inexpensive activated-carbon pitchers and tap attachments are incapable of purifying the water from fluoride. Moreover, even boiling the water does not help in removing fluoride, as fluoride does not evaporate, unlike chlorine. In fact, the concentration of fluoride in water increases with the reduction in the water level as a result of boiling.


The good news is that there are other fluoride water filters, which purify water of the harmful element fluoride.


What’s wrong with Fluoride?

Do you know that all tap water supplied by the Government is fluoridated in a bid to improve the oral health of all people?


For years, fluoride is believed to enhance teeth health. Fluoride makes teeth strong and healthy. However, recent research points in a different direction. Fluoride is known to be the culprit behind various physical ailments like gastro intestinal problems, thyroid disease, low infertility and many more. Many public health research studies have been conducted in this area. However, as many factors overlap each other, it is very challenging to determine the true effect of fluoride on a person’s body.


However, a research conducted by Harvard researchers in China say a different story. These researchers studied different Chinese communities residing in different areas with different levels of fluoride in water. The research revealed that the children living in areas with higher fluoride levels in water had lower IQ scores to the extent of 7 points when compared to those living in places with low fluoride levels in water.  


Are you still in for fluoridated water? If not, it’s time to change from the regular water filters to the best fluoride water filter.

Reducing Fluoride Intake

Apart from bringing a fluoride water filter home, here are some other things you can do to reduce the intake of fluoride.


  • As tap water is fluoridated, avoid consuming unfiltered water in public places.
  • Avoid soda drinks, as they are made from fluoridated water. In fact, most wines, beer and many other bottled beverages are made from fluoridated water.
  • Before consuming bottled water, check the filtration process used to purify water. If it is reverse osmosis or distillation, then it is free from fluoride. Else, presume that the water is fluoridated.
  • Avoid fluoride supplements.
  • Both black tea and red tea come from plants; high in fluoride. However, as these beverages are high on antioxidants and have innumerable benefits; eliminating it from your diet is not advisable. You can certainly reduce the intake to control the exposure to fluoride.
  • Canned food and tinned fish often contain fluoride.
  • If you are using fluoridated toothpaste, ensure that you gargle well enough to avoid leaving any traces of the toothpaste, to ensure that it is not consumed by you.
  • Non stick cookware contains fluoride. Over heating it causes the fluoride to release in the air. So, be careful while using.


As far as consumption of fluoridated water is concerned, bring home the best fluoride water filter to control exposure to fluoride. Fluoridated water mostly contributes to the maximum consumption of fluoride.


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